Week 6 is Coming to a Close

I knew that writing in this each week would be difficult.  I just didn’t know how difficult.  I think that I am finally getting into a groove getting everything done.  It does seem like a juggling act some days.  There are things that I just don’t get to, and one of them is this part of the blog.  I do make sure that I post the annotated bibliography each week, but I don’t always have time to do more.

Tonight, or I should say, this morning, I do have more time.  I have found that I have to give up on the idea that I will have a long glorious chunk of time to sit down and to complete an entire assignment at one time.  I don’t.  I have time while I am eating lunch to read a few pages of a research article via the computer, and then later on in the day while I am waiting for an appointment, I have a few minutes to read a few pages of a book for a class on my Kindle. Usually on Thursday evenings, everyone else in my family is busy, and I have some time to get longer things done.  The kind of stuff I need to concentrate on to get done.  Right now, I am chaperoning an after homecoming party and writing my annotated bibliography.  Yes, I think I am on to something here.  I have a nice long stretch of time where no on really wants to bother me, nor me to bother them.  I’m just glad that I can write a coherent sentence at 2:01 a.m.  (I think I had better check this in the morning to see if that is true.)

I realize that this is one of the benefits of online learning, but for me, it is something that I have had to get used to.  The work is never done for me.  When I think that I have caught up on everything and I am going to get ahead a bit, something comes up to prevent that from happening, or the week is over and the next week’s assignments are posted.  I do think that I will adjust to that part of it.  I just need to get used to this new way of learning.  I think that it is good, and I know that the things that I am learning come up and are pertinent to topics that are being discussed at work. I think that making this adjustment will come naturally.  I just wonder, when I have completed my degree, what will I do with the free time?  Will this feeling of always having something to do still be there?

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