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Over Halfway!

Ever have that feeling like you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing?  I had that on Friday.  I was discussing the DET program at CMU with an instructor who is pursuing a Ph.D. at another university.  We were comparing the amount of work that each of us is doing this semester for our different programs.  We both are pursuing degrees in education, and we are both in our first semester.  She was explaining that she has to write a literary review of over 20 articles, write a critical review of a dissertation, read journal articles and then post her summary to a discussion board while also reading and responding to other students’ posts, and other assignments that I cannot remember – all this semester and all for one class.

I sat there and thought, “Wow..” Don’t get me wrong, I am doing a lot of work, too.  I am reading about seven to ten journal articles a week, posting to discussion boards, meeting in small and large groups online, writing annotated bibliographies, writing critical reviews and working on projects.  In fact, if I calculate the number of hours I spent this week on doing work…I spent around 20 hours this week on work for two classes.  The difference is – I am not complaining about it.  I am enjoying it.

One reason that I am enjoying it is that it is manageable.  In education, I think that is one thing that has to be kept in mind.  There is so much to know and so many journal articles, books, websites and more that one can read and learn from.  However, it can get to the point that there is too much information, and it becomes overwhelming.  I know my mind can only absorb so much, so the amount of reading and writing I am expected to do has to be an amount that is humanely possible.  Otherwise, I know I would take shortcuts and miss out on information I need to know.  I have a feeling that she does do that.  Who wouldn’t if overwhelmed?

Balance is key.  To work, to life and to the amount of time spent staring at a computer.  It is a beautiful fall day, so guess who is going to go and enjoy it.  I’m glad that I have completed the work goals I have set for myself this week and am going to go do just that.


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