Article Annotations · EDU 800

Annotated Bib – Week 11

Drost, E. a. (2011). Validity and Reliability in Social Science Research. Education Research and Perspectives, 38(1), 105–123.

Drost examined the problem of validity and ways to ensure reliability when conducting research in the social sciences.  Reliability is explained first with information in regards to error analysis and the importance of internal consistency as well as equivalence.  Then, validity is examined and the four types of validity that researchers must keep in mind with designing and reporting research are explained.  These include statistical conclusion validity, internal validity, construct validity, and external validity.

The author pulls information from a variety of courses concerning validity and reliability.  She summarizes the most important and useful information for those new to the field of research.  This article does not go into detail about the nuances of research, but it is a very good introduction for those new to the field to read so that they can build a solid foundation as a researcher.

This is an article that gave very easy to understand information concerning research.  Being new to the field, this was exactly that type of article that I needed to read.  For those who have conducted research, this may seem like a very trivial article.  The kind of article that experts feel like everyone should know that information.  Well, rookies do not.


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