Introspection & Reflection

Fall 2015 is OVER!

Is it really?! I have that nagging feeling that there is something else that I am supposed to do, but every item has been crossed off my to-do list for this semester.  (I just checked – again.)  Looking back, I’ve done a lot, and probably more importantly, I have learned a lot.  I have always felt that teachers can never stop learning and trying new things.  If they do, they should stop teaching.

I already have things to do for next semester.  I think that is one thing that I have really had to get used to this semester.  That feeling of having everything done and checked off the list will not be happening again anytime soon.  There is always another paper to revise or another article to read or another blog posting to write.  There is always something to do!

My goal for next semester is to balance this need to get things done with my need to stop and take a break more often.  Don’t misunderstand me, I do take breaks, but I need to schedule the breaks more often and to learn how to judge when enough is enough…even if I know that I could improve upon what I’ve done if I go through it just one more time.  Yes, it might make it better, but in the end, time might be better spent taking a walk or fixing a healthy dinner for my family.

This year I am going to pick one word to focus on for the year.  This is an idea I remember reading about last year in a blog post by Gretchen Rubin.   There is even a facebook page dedicated to “One Word 365.” (Although, I know nothing about it, so I am not promoting nor endorsing the page – notice no link to it.)  The idea is to pick one word to focus on throughout the year that is an overarching theme for the year.  My word for 2015 is – Balance.

What is your word?

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