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End of Spring 2016

Why do I have that nagging feeling that I have something to do?  I just turned in my last assignment for the semester, and it seems like I have forgotten something.  I really hope that I haven’t. I am going to chalk it up the fact that since beginning the DET program I always feel like I have something to do.  Well, until I start my next semester on Monday, I don’t!  (At least…I don’t think that I do.) 😦

I have not kept up with this blog this semester.  I was happy that I did so the first semester, and then with everything else going on and the fact that I did not have to post things to this blog, I let this one slide.  I have been busy, though.

One class that I took this semester was EDU 807 – Learning Tools in Education Technology.  For this class this semester, I created reviews and screencasts about a variety of websites that I have either used or would like to use.  All of the information that I created this semester can be found at my Wiki page.  Go and check it out!  I would love to hear what you think.

The second class that I took this semester was EDU 802 – Quantitative Research in Education Technology.  I was not looking forward to this course.  The word ‘statistics’ sent shivers down my spine.  I can now say the word without shuddering.  I think I was more afraid of it than I should have been.  I may even come to like quantitative research.  I would love to post a link to my final research paper, but since the statistics are from a sample of participants who were not really the group of people that I would have surveyed, it isn’t real.

Well, time to enjoy some well-deserved time off.  Three whole days to do whatever I want to do…how shall I spend it?  I am sure that I can find something to do!

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