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Annotated Bib – Week 11

Drost, E. a. (2011). Validity and Reliability in Social Science Research. Education Research and Perspectives, 38(1), 105–123. Drost examined the problem of validity and ways to ensure reliability when conducting research in the social sciences.  Reliability is explained first with information in regards to error analysis and the importance of internal consistency as well as… Continue reading Annotated Bib – Week 11

Article Annotations · EDU 800

Annotated Bibliography – Week 12

Salmon, G. (2009). The future for (second) life and learning. British Journal of Educational Technology, 40(3), 526–538. This article, written in 2009, examines the three-dimensional multi-user virtual environments (3-D MUVEs) Second Life, and its use in higher education.  In this article, Salmon attempts to predict “trends and emerging issues, the power of pedagogical imagination and the… Continue reading Annotated Bibliography – Week 12

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Annotated Bibliography – Week 8

Tuckman, B. W. (2005). The effect of motivational scaffolding on procrastinators’ distance learning outcomes. Computers & Education, 49(2), 414–422. In this article, Tuckman’s quantitative study examines the effects of motivational scaffolding on procrastinators’ course performance and grade point average (GPA) when completing a web-based study skills course.  In this study, students were identified as procrastinators… Continue reading Annotated Bibliography – Week 8