My Elevator Pitch – Fall 2015

My first semester as a Ph.D. student at Central Michigan University is in the books.  (Pun intended.) At the beginning of the semester, I thought I knew quite a bit about using technology in the classroom.  Now, I realize that I really did not know very much at all.  At the beginning of the semester, reading research articles was very time-consuming.  I read slowly and had to read and reread some parts just to get a basic understanding of the topic of the article.  It is like learning to play an instrument!  Now, that I have been practicing for a semester I am faster and better at it.  I am sure that I will get even better and faster as I progress through the program.

Where am I in this journey now?  Here is a 2-minute ‘elevator pitch’ about where I am now, as well as three possible research questions to explore. Be warned:  this is my first attempt at writing research questions…